SPRO Has the Pre-Spawn Covered
SPRO Has the Pre-spawn Covered
Old man winter loosens his grip across the US, and the days are getting longer, and the nights are staying warmer. This means one thing to bass enthusiasts across the nation, pre-spawn bass fishing is amongst us. As some fisheries may already be experiencing this annual transition, many others are eagerly waiting in anticipation.  
Bass angling enthusiasts know that the pre-spawn bite can be challenging yet exciting when pursuing bass in unpredictable conditions. Early spring brings an array of weather conditions and uncertainties, making this time of year one of the most challenging bites to pattern. Cold-water temperatures, dirty water conditions and fluctuating water levels are just a few factors to add to the conundrum. 
With every great challenge comes the reward to those that can pin down the constant moving target. Pre-spawn bass will move into an area in waves, and once the pattern and location are identified to intercept them, the rewards can be monumental. 
MLF & Bass Pro Tour Mike McClelland attributes much of his pre-spawn success to the SPRO Aruku and Wameku Shad. These are two similar baits in the sense of both being lipless crankbaits, but they both have their place in certain conditions where one will excel over the other.
“I feel like anglers have put rattling baits on the back shelf for way too long,” says McClelland who leans on the Aruku shad in dingy water. “It has more rattles and really gets the bass fired-up. The Wameku Shad is my preferred bait in clear water as it is a little more subtle. I can fish it deep or shallow with its two-line tie feature. Both baits allow me to cover a lot of water at multiple depths. It gives the angler a lot of options.”
Bassmaster Elite Pro Derek Hudnall attributes his recent success on the Tennessee River Elite Series tournament to the Aruku Shad. “Coming off a major cold front with dingy water, I knew my go-to bait would be the Aruku Shad. It has more rattles, and therefore it’s easier for the bass to locate with their lateral line as they are less dependent on their sight in poor water clarity conditions.”
Hudnall also states, “When every bite counts as it did in this particular tournament, I knew the Gamakatsu hooks that come on all SPRO crankbaits wouldn’t let me down. In cold water, the bass is less active, so getting a reaction bite is the ticket. The Aruku Shad runs nose down, making it easier to deflect off timber and rocks and rip through grass, triggering bass to strike. If I’m in deeper water or where there is no structure around, the Wameku Shad with its two-line tie system allows me to tie my fluorocarbon line closer to the eye for more of a yo-yo presentation.”
With 17 different color patterns to choose from in the Aruku and Wameku lineup, you can count on finding the perfect pattern for any situation. When a bass hits your lipless crankbait, there is no doubt of what's on the other end of your line. With a time and tournament-tested SPRO lipless crankbait you can rest assured that your bait is up for the challenge.
Wameku Shad Features:
  • Hooks: Gamakatsu Round Bend treble hooks (#4)
  • Depth: Front Eye 5-8 ft., Back Eye 3-5 ft.
  • Two-Line Ties for Two Actions 
  • Snap: G Finesse Tournament Snap Size M
Aruku Shad Features: