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Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for producing such a great product as the ArukuShads.  Like many anglers, I love tackle.  I have tried many different brands of lipless crankbaits over the past few seasons and nothing comes close to comparing to my SPRO's.

My name is Mo and the lure that I used to catch these monsters was an Aruku Shad 75 Perch pattern and on the first cast after ice out in the Boston Area it all broke loose with just 1 bait and it was and Aruku Shad!.

Thanks to both SPRO and Russ Lane!

Maurice (3/14/10)

I am writing to inform that on 3/12/10 I caught the NJ State record White Crappie on your Aruku shad 75.  It was weighed on a certified scale at a local market.  The weight was 4.88 lbs.  The current record is 3.11.  It was caught  Blue Shiner Aruku shad.  Unfortunately the fish did not count because it was caught on a catch and release lake, but I thought I would let you know it was caught on your bait. I attached a photo of the giant.

Herb (3/12/10)