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Just wanted to thank you for making a quality product. After tying on a little john crankbait, I caught this 21.5 inch smallie on my forth cast in the Elk river, WV.  It is by far my personal best. I look forward to using more of your fine products in the future.

Keep up the good work guys! Steve Slack



I would just like to let your company know that you produce the best bass fishing lures.  I always know that when i buy a SPRO product it will come with quality components, and finishes.  I also have the piece of mind that when I open a package I can just tie the lure on and fish it without having to change hooks, or spend time tuning or modifying the baits.  You can fish them right out of the package!  Although i think i own most of your products my favorite continues to be the SPRO Little John DD.  The colors offered in this bait are stunning and the deflect perfectly over cover.  I know these baits are some of the most proven baits because i see them tied on all of the BASS pros rods, even though they are not sponsored by your company, but with others.
Thank you for your wonderful products, and keep up the good


Just wanted to email you guys and thank you for such an awesome product.  I have been absolutely hammering the bass at my local lake which is one of the toughest in the region due to its size and pressure.  Your deep divers are amazing lures.  I have caught a fish of great size every single tournament since the bass moved deep.  I finally won my first tournament that required a 3 fish limit and nailed a 7lb 15 oz bass, a 2lb 5 oz bass, and a nice 1lber in less than an hour. I can find the fish and your lure allows me to entice those monsters.  Thanks again for an awesome bass catching lure.  

Joshua Lyalls (6/1/12)

My name is Hal Whitley from North Carolina, and I used to be strictly a Lucky Craft crank bait user.  I received a Root beer Chartreuse Little John MD in a goody bag at a bass tourney.  I tried it the next time out and absolutely fell in love!  In the last 6 weeks I have caught over half a dozen 5+ pounders on it including my personal best 9.36lbs.  Not to mention all the other fish it has produced.  It has become my #1 go to bait.  I am a changed man!
Thanks! Hal (6/1/12)


Just a quick note-I picked up a SPRO Little John DD crank bait and went to our honey hole on a ledge. I caught lots of fish including this double and had a third fish trying to take it way from them but I tried to net all three!  Thanks for a good lure! I will be stocking up!

Thanks, Rocky Lyons

1st & 2nd place finishes this weekend!  It was a great weekend for Team Searcy! 2nd place on Saturday and 1st place on Sunday. Here is a photo of my son, Eli who is the other half of Team Searcy. Thanks to all of my sponsors! Without your contribution, none of this would be possible.
The Spro Little John MD series crankbait was the winning bait this weekend.
Thanks! Team Searcy

I caught this 19", 4 lb largemouth bass in three feet of water running your crankbait down a submerged tree. Thank you for making such a great product!!'

Greg Zawatski

I just wanted to say your Little John Crank Baits are the bomb! My partner and I fished a Sunday morning tournament recently. We pulled up on a long point next to deep water and starting throwing the SPRO Little John. Within fifteen minutes we had our best five fish for the day.
Thanks! Tim and Jason


While fishing in South Carolina in late January and early February I tried your little john DD with great success.  I fished for two days bouncing the lure off the bottom in 12 feet of water. As DD little john rose off the bottom the bass would crush it.  My totals for two days were 1 8 lb (picture); 16 lb; 85 lb + 164 lb + and I stopped counting the 3 lb +.  The lure would cast effortlessly and track back to by boat perfectly.  Also I had no ill effects on my elbow and shoulder.  Thanks for making the best deep diver I've seen to date.