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The Bronzeye Shad 65 has more than meets the eye. With a unique twist on the leg setup this Bronzeye Shad 65, is one of the easiest hollow body frog to"walk" on the surface. If you have trouble getting other Frogs to sashay back and forth then this will quickly become your go to lure both in matted grass, lily pads and even open water. The legs are still made from living rubber that works great right out of the box. All SPRO frogs come with those sticky sharp Gamakatsu hooks for solid hook ups. Available in a variety of proven fish catching colors. Take a Bronzeye Shad 65 out for a "walk" and you will be the big dog on the water!

Weight: 1/2 oz.
Size: 65 mm
Hook: Gamakatsu 3/0 EWG Double Hook
Depth: Floating Top Water
Action: Walking

How to replace the legs: click here